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Today’s growing businesses face relentless competitive pressures. To stand out amongst the technology-enabled competition, you differentiate yourself by delivering superior customer service and helping your company to:

• Boost productivity through better communications.

• Streamline business processes and gain full value from resources and applications by accessing your customer information anytime, anywhere.

• Manage costs effectively.

Everything you need to connect your business and to be more productive comes in the Cisco Smart Business Communications System—secure access—anytime, anywhere—to integrated voice, video, and wireless networking that enables more effective and efficient communication with customers, partners, and employees. You also get the right mix of communications, productivity, and business operations applications in a solution designed to work together and easier to deploy, operate, and manage. The system is complemented by award-winning support and easy financing, all delivered through trusted local partners.

The Cisco Smart Business Communications System can help you:

• Mobilize your workforce no matter where employees are using a wireless connection.

• Extend full communications to home workers with secure access to the company
network, and use of their laptops or PCs as full-featured office phones.

• Get started quickly whether starting up or branching out, it gives you an affordable,
all-in-one solution.

Cisco Aironet 1230AG Cisco Aironet 1230AG (PDF: 274.16 KB)

The Cisco Aironet 1230AG Series delivers the versatility, high capacity, security and enterprise-class features required in more challenging RF environments. It is designed for wireless LANs in rugged environments or installations that require specialized antennas, extended range, coverage versatility and more flexible installation options.


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