Rugged Wireless Solutions

In today’s just-in-time business environment, people cannot wait days for manual data entry to occur. RealWorld’s line-up of world-class mobile wireless data collection terminals, vehicle mount computers and access points deliver rugged, real-time tracking of your company’s product and people.

MC9300 Handheld Mobile Computer



  • Maximum processor power and memory
  • Larger touchscreen with advanced technology
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 5.0 for twice the speed and four times the range
  • Rich location support
  • NFC



CK32 I-Safe Handheld Computer Mc9200 (PDF: 1.16 MB)


  • With more processing power and memory than any device in its class, the MC9200 gives workers the same fast and dependable application performance they expect on their desktop.
  • An 802.11a/b/g/n tri-mode radio supports the fastest Wi-Fi connection available today (802.11n) for the best possible wireless voice and data experience.
  • The MC9200 takes rugged design to a new level. Like its predecessors, the MC9200 passes the same industry-leading toughness tests, operating reliably after exposure to heat, cold, dust, rain, even a spilled cup of coffee.
  • Four imager engines
  • Two laser engines

MC3300 Mobile Computer



  • The perfect combination: touchscreen and keyboard
  • Support your TE apps right out of the box
  • Android Certified for guaranteed securiy and performance
  • Superior standard range scanning options



CK32 I-Safe Handheld Computer TC55 TOUCH COMPUTER (PDF: 718 KB)


  • Extensions (Mx) from Zebra allows you to add the features you need to Android to meet stringent enterprise requirements — from security and manageability to highperformance data capture.
  • The Standard Configuration comes with Google Mobile Services (GMS), a suite of integrated Google applications that are standard on most smart phones — ideal for workers that depend on apps such as Gmail or Google Maps.
  • The TC55 couldn’t be easier to use. With premium display technology and the brightest screen in its class, the TC55 is easy to see in any lighting — even in bright sunlight. And when it comes to entering data, the screen can be wet or dry, and workers can use a stylus or fingertip — even with heavy work gloves.

TC8000 Touch Computer


CK32 I-Safe Handheld Computer TC8000 Touch Computer (PDF: 1.25 MB)


  • Superior ergonomics for superior productivity and worker comfort
  • Enterprise-class Android KitKat
  • Rugged and ready for your warehouse
  • Triple-shift battery power and unsurpassed battery management
  • Capture multiple bar codes and entire forms with a single scan with SimulScan
  • An industry first — hands-free proximity scanning with a handheld device
  • Advanced bar code scanning options
  • Transform “green screens” to elegant all-touch screens with no host modification or coding
  • Advanced touchscreen technology for flexible data input

WT6000 Wearable Computer



  • Compact Size — 27% Lighter and 36% Less Volume
  • Rugged and Ready for Your Toughest Environments
  • A Larger Display with Multi-Touch Capacitive Touchscreen
  • Mobility DNA Ingredients for Superior Value
  • Transform “Green Screens” to All-Touch Screens
  • Programmable Softkeys Simplify Your Most Complex Operations
  • Increase Worker Productivity by 15% with Zebra’s Total Wearable Solutions
  • A Groundbreaking New Mounting System for Superior Comfort, Hygiene and Safety
  • An Innovative All-in-One Cradle System Completes Your Solution

Dolphin CK65


Dolphin CK65 Dolphin CK65 (PDF: 512.52 KB)


  • The Mobility Edge hardware platform and enterprise lifecycle tools
  • Support for four Android generations
  • The large touchscreen with a 38-key numeric keypad with function keys or 51-key alphanumeric keypad
  • Rugged construction withstands multiple 2.4 m (8 ft) drops to concrete and 2,000 1.0 m (3.3 ft) tumbles

Dolphin CT60


Dolphin CT60 Dolphin CT60 (PDF: 494.26 KB)


  • Common hardware platform and enterprise lifecycle tools drive an integrated, repeatable, scalable approach
  • Support through Android R, starting with Android 8.1 (O).
  • The CT60 mobile computer is the first enterprise-grade device with LTE-Advanced and carrier aggregation for speeds up to 300 Mbps
  • Advanced 2D imager delivers best-in-class data capture on linear and 2D barcodes.

DS36X8 Ultra-Rugged Scanner



  • Superior scanning performance on any 1D/2D barcode, in any condition
  • Multi-code captures and processes up to 20 barcodes simultaneously
  • Extreme temperature rating
  • A Bluetooth model in a class of its own for superior cordless freedom

ProGlove MARK 2


ProGlove MARK 2 ProGlove MARK 2 (PDF: 107.19 KB)


  • FREQUENCY RANGE - EU: 863-870 MHz on 70 channels (100 kHz channel spacing) / NA: 902-928 MHz on 30 channels (752 kHz channel spacing)
  • AES-128 encryption

Linea Pro 7


Linea Pro 7 Linea Pro 7 (PDF: 1.02 MB)


  • Equipped with magnetic stripe reader (MSR)
  • High-Speed handheld scanner
  • Customizable software
  • Safe and Secure


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